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How much should you pay a DJ at your Wedding?

I am sure you have searched the internet and saw that the price ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars for DJ Services in Montreal. Well here is my guide that explains how much a DJ should charge you at your Wedding.

1. Don't go for the cheapest price.

I cannot stress that enough! If a DJ charges you way less than the average price then he/she is probably not experienced much. (Unless you got a huge friend and family discount). You must pay for quality and experience.

2. What is the DJ bringing with him/her?

Some DJ's will bring some equipment with them when you hire them. It can be their own DJ equipment, a digital photo booth or some basic lighting. So make sure that you discuss with the Wedding DJ what is included in the price that you are paying.

3. Are there any time limits or packages?

Some DJ's (with experience) may charge you less but it can be based on a maximum number of hours (Ex: 4 hours). And I can tell you that no wedding lasts for only 4 hours. I personally reserve the whole day for my wedding couple if I'm booked at their wedding. This permits them to reach me any time of day for any last minute changes into the program.

Also, most professional & experienced DJ's will have packages for you to choose from based on your needs. The higher the package price the more sound and lighting equipment you get.

4. You have a fixed budget for a Wedding DJ

If you have a fixed budget for a wedding DJ then do not be shy to discuss it with the DJ that you like or that you are meeting with. Most DJs (unless it's the high wedding season) will be willing to negotiate their price, especially if they are working independently, like myself. Think of us like a family owned business where you can negotiate, unlike big brand stores or corporations.

5. Don't go for the most expensive DJ

Have I confused you yet? Look, the price has to be tailored based on your needs. There is a ton of work involved preparing the Big Day in terms of music, meetings and schedule so don't just think of the work as being only "the day of".

The most expensive does not necessarily mean the best; it could easily mean that they managed to create a brand name for themselves in the wedding industry and they are not afraid to lose some clients because of their prices.

6. Does the price change if I have a really small wedding?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Just because you have a very small number of guests attending does not mean that the work that the DJ has to put in before and the day of the Wedding is less. Your price can be reduced based on the equipment you may not need (Ex: huge speakers and lights).

7. Do I have to pay taxes for a Wedding DJ service?

Legally, yes. You have to pay taxes on everything in Canada. But I'm not going to tell you what happens when you meet your potential wedding DJ that you may or may not have found through a friend or on local classified ads.


Overall the price of a DJ is relative to experience, travel time, equipment required and number of hours. You should always meet the DJ in person as an employeur (after all you are hiring someone) and then rely on what you see and hear and a gut feeling.

This is your favorite Montreal Wedding DJ: DJ Plink from KingofMontreal,

Signing Off!

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