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How Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting DJs and Nightlife in Canada

The subject matter on everyone's lips and keyboard is the corona virus or the covid-19 fever. It is affecting DJs all across Canada whether they mix in a nightclub, wedding or a show.

In Montreal, Canada for instance, all bars and clubs have been ordered to shutdown therefore the DJs, promoters, bartenders and other staff members of the nightlife industry are taking a financial hit. Let me make this clear, health comes first! The provincial government of Quebec and the federal government of Canada are putting various plans and programs in place to make sure that people do not have to stress over their financials.

Here is the link to the Canadian government websites to find out more about what you can get. You may then choose the scenario that best applies to your situation and apply for the program, if necessary.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Employment and Social Development Canada

Make sure to read about the actual facts about the coronavirus disease from official websites and not to fall in for traps about a magical cure.

It is in time like these that we, as humans, must come together and help each other. Follow the health guidelines set by your own state and country to flatten the curve of the coronavirus disease.

It can get worse before it gets better but keep your sanity, your humanity and do your part to make sure that you are not the one affecting others.

In the meantime, use the time off you have at home to work on your music, watch video tutorials online to better yourselves, read books, meditate and connect with your friends and family digitally to make sure you are all okay.

Even if you are late on certain bills, do not let it stress you. Your landlords and service providers are aware of this worldwide issue and they would be willing to extend deadlines and make exceptions. Before anything else, we are all humans!

On behalf of myself, DJ Plink and KingofMontreal DJ services, I wish you all a happy quarantine and a healthy recovery if you are affected.

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