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How Far in Advance to Book Your Wedding DJ?

A wedding is a special day for both the bride and the groom, as well as everyone who will be attending the event. This type of event is usually not arranged overnight, but rather well in advance. In fact, some people spend several years planning out that perfect wedding to ensure nothing can go wrong on their special day. With this in mind, a very common question asked by couples is how far in advance should they book the DJ that will play music at the wedding.

This can be a somewhat tough question to answer, as it really depends on the type of DJ that you will be booking for your wedding. There are cases where you would be able to make last minute bookings, but if you are going to opt for a popular DJ or perhaps a band that is well-known in your area, then you might want to ensure you book them well in advance to avoid disappointment later on.

In most cases, if you do want to hire a band or a very specific DJ, it is generally advised to make the booking of about one year in advance. This will ensure the DJ can add you to their schedule and avoid becoming overbooked at the time of your wedding. The high wedding season in Montreal, Canada is the summer so if you are planning a summer wedding then make sure to book the DJ you want up to 2 years in advance.

If you are going to be working with a company that offers DJ services, it would still be a good idea to book them in advance. You should make your booking at least six months before the date of your wedding with such a company. Be sure to also provide them with the appropriate details for your wedding in advance so that the DJ they will appoint to your event will be adequately prepared and ensure you can enjoy your wedding without having to worry about the music.

The timing is important for the DJ since he or she usually prepares the music and your wedding day beforehand. Based on the workload, some DJs may need more time than others to plan your wedding reception music accordingly. The number one tip would be to speak to the DJ and discuss how far in advance he/she needs the details of your preferred music.

Remember to give any performances, games, and overall schedule of the wedding day to your DJ and you will be in good hands.

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