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Tips on When and How to book a Corporate Event DJ for your Xmas Party

November and December are the 2 months most known for corporate events for all major and small businesses in Montreal. Although, some companies do celebrate in January but they don't take on too many dates for a DJ.

Here are my top tips on when and how to book a DJ for your upcoming Corporate Party or Christmas Party 2019-2020.

1. Make sure you have the reception hall booked

2. Make sure you know how many hours you need the DJ to perform (including supper music time)

3. Let the DJ know if there is any audio or visual equipment available at the reception hall such as microphones, speakers, lights so that you do not pay for them a second time through the DJ.

4. Contact a DJ that has a website, social media presence and some experience in the Corporate Event / Xmas Party business. A great xmas party DJ for your office party will know how to cater to your guests of all ages and tastes in music. DJ Plink, for example, works with the companies beforehand to make sure that if there are any games, special announcements, videos to project, etc then he is ready.

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In the case of "when to book the DJ", I would say as soon as you know the date, location and hours, especially if your Office Xmas Party is in November or December.

In terms of prices, we know that some companies are big and some are small but the work that a good DJ will do in terms of performance and playing music will be the same. You may be able to save money on the equipment packages since small parties do not need as much speakers and lighting equipment.

Office Christmas parties in the region of Montreal may also require a bilingual DJ who speaks French and English so that if there is any "MC'ing" to do, everyone can understand him/her.

Last but not least, if you have worked with a DJ before and you loved him/her then you may also reserve him/her in advance for the following year and don't forget to pass on his/her information to other employees in your department in case you (the organizer) changes positions during the next year. On the other hand, if you are not fully satisfied with your current DJ then don't be shy to shop around.

Happy Holidays everyone and don't forget to party it up at your corporate holiday party this year. Cheers!

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