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How to Become a DJ? 10 Tips for a Successful DJ in 2018

There are a lot of ways to become a DJ and everyone has their own path. I would like to share with you my path and maybe go over some errors that I may have done.

1. You need to be passionate about it (unless you are not planning on going far with it).

I was always into music in one way or the other; it was something that always attracted me and I use to spend hours and hours listening to music, trying to sing along songs, trying to play on that Virtual DJ software that auto-syncs the beats for you.

2. You DO NOT need the best equipment out there.

My first 5 years or so as a DJ I was young and broke therefore I did not have the money to buy any equipment. But even if you do, my advice is to practice on rentals or show up an hour early to your gig and practice. This way you will find out if it is something you'll love to do and you'll be able to test out the equipment that you'll be comfortable with.

3. Do Gigs for FREE

You probably already did some gigs for free or are thinking about doing it. My advice is do as many gigs as possible. This will help you with any stage fright you may have and you'll actually get to live a REAL DJ experience even if it is at a family BBQ.

4. DO NOT Trust your friends

Okay, the statement might be harsh but for real, your friends will almost always say great comments about your music or performances. You have to get outside opinion. You can even send a mix to your friend without saying that it is done by you and see the response you get.

5. Be Open to Critics

Do not be defensive when getting negative comments. I mean, some people are even dissing worldwide DJ's like David Guetta, DJ Khaled, DJ Plink, Diplo and many more. Yes, I did add my own name in there. Beware of the source of the critic as well; ask yourself, does this person actually know anything about music?

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6. Build Your Name/Brand Online

Post as much remixes as you can on websites like YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, etc. Most of your mixes may get blocked on YouTube for copyright reasons but don't let this discourage you. Try out different websites and make sure that they are for promotional use only.

7. Collaborate with other DJ's and Artists

Do not get an ego bigger than your head. Collaborate with other DJ's and Artists even if they have less buzz than you. Those 100 only listeners of his/hers will actually bring you their ears and may share your music to their own friends.

8. Keep Learning and Keep Practicing

Always keep learning through video tutorials and other DJ's out there because there is always little trick or shortcut or a transition method that you may not know of. Always practice, especially in those months where you don't get as many gigs; you don't want to forget what you already learned.

9. Stay Hungry

I say this as I eat my snack but stay hungry for more. You can only get better day after day but don't lose that passion or the will to succeed. Till this day I love what I do even if it is for a small gig or a big one. There could be one person in a party of 100 people that loves you and books for tours around the country.

10. Organize Your Music Like it's Your Religion

I cannot stress this enough because the better organized you are in your crates, folders, records, Cds, playlists and downloads the better you will perform at your Live Gigs. I will be doing a whole other post about my Music Organization Tips soon.

DJ Plink | Love at 1st Sound

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