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How to make money as a DJ in this Covid-19 Crisis? How can a DJ make money during Coronavirus?

During the Covid-19 crisis of 2020, DJs all over the world lost their jobs at nightclubs, weddings and other events where a DJ is required. I, DJ Plink, am no different and I have been getting help from the Canadian government during this coronavirus crisis.

However, this is a worldwide issue and not every country may be giving financial aid to DJs in their region. Here are some ways that you can make money as a DJ during this covid19 crisis of 2020.

Use online platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitch to perform live shows for your followers. Make sure that your monetization is enabled on your Youtube channel and that your Super Chat feature is also available. When you will go live on Youtube, viewers will be able to chat and super chat (which basically gives you money). Don't force people to give you money though; just perform your best, interact with your viewers and announce the super chat feature and play their request in return. Thank them every time! Youtube also makes any super chat as a big and colourful message so it may entice others to also super chat with you. Twitch has a similar donating/support feature as well and you can use apps to make something happen on screen or in your room, etc as soon as someone gives.

On Instagram & Facebook, there is no built in donation or super chat feature but you can open an account on Cashapp or Paypal and add your link as the title, description or pinned comment on instagram.

Here is an example of my PayPal account:

As you click this link, it will bring you to a landing page where you can donate whichever amount you want.

Also, when you are doing these live shows make sure that your audio quality is on point. Get yourself something like an iRig that connects your Master (on your mixer) to your phone. This way, the sound is coming directly through to the listener as opposed to the sound from your speakers in your room. Get yourself a Tripod as well and make sure that your phone is fully charged before you begin. You can even schedule your Live shows and give them a nice title, description so that non-followers may find your video. A software that you may like is OBS but that is if you are going live from your computer, not your phone. But look into it, maybe there is a feature that I don't know of yet. Last but not least, make sure you have a nice internet speed; you don't want to be lagging all the time. Make something original whenever you can (dress in a certain way, lighting, etc) and interact with your viewers as much as possible.

Other ways to make money (eventually) is to learn new techniques such as producing and releasing your own music. You may even produce original music or mixes for a company that will pay you in return. Approach local nightclubs and bars and offer to mix on their instagram or facebook account and perhaps get some funds this way.

Another type of investment you can do is download music, organize music in your DJ software and make remixes as much as possible and post them online on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube and more websites. People are listening to music more than ever since they cannot go out to work or play (in most areas). If you have a wedding DJ business then update your website and try to make video content for your website or your business. If you have any other digital skills such as photoshop, producing, mixing, mastering, editing, etc then sign up on websites like and to work as a freelancer. You can even learn a new skill online from and then post your services online.

You have a lot of time so make the best of it. Anybody in the arts field has a creative mind so use it to learn something new & creative. Help your family and friends when possible and stay safe because we will get over this Covid-19 crisis. Cheers to DJs all over the world!

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