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Quick Guide To Renting Audio And Visual Equipment For Your Wedding

While hiring the services of a professional DJ can certainly be a great addition to any wedding, the costs of the equipment rental must be considered as well. The good news is – a professional DJ for weddings will have equipment rental packages with delivery and installation.

Renting equipment for a wedding does not have to be a complicated process. It is, however, important for the couple to know what they expect from the equipment in order to ensure they choose the right options that will help them enjoy their wedding.

First, it is important to consider whether music is the only requirement. If additional visuals need to be added – such as in cases where the couple would like to play a video of memories that they have made together leading up to the wedding, then visual equipment will also be needed. Lighting may also be an important factor to brighten up the visuals during the party time.

Some of the high end equipments include pressure smoke machines, dry ice machine, fully controllable lighting system with a lighting software expert and indoor fireworks effect machines. All of these equipments will add a unique and memorable effect during your entrance, first dance, party time and throughout the wedding reception.

Furthermore, the number of guests and the size of the location where the wedding will be held should be taken into account as well. A larger room would obviously call for larger and more powerful equipment. More guests also means more speakers and subwoofers. If the sound setup is inappropriate, then many of the guests who end up going to the wedding will not be able to have an enjoyable time.

There are several stores that rent out the equipment and you can probably save money by renting directly through them. However, the pick up, delivery and installation will be your responsibility and I don't think that you will be connecting speakers and lights on your wedding day. Also, the equipment that the DJ offers in his/her packages works perfectly with his/her DJ set and you can trust that everything will work perfectly together.

Other than these factors, it is important to consider the overall quality of the equipment that will be rented. Just because something is cheaper does not mean that it is the same quality or better. Some companies are able to provide the couple with higher quality brand items. This should be a preference as sound quality may ultimately be much better.

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