• Nasir A. Shah

Waves Website is down at the moment. Even the Waves Central does not let me login.

So I opened my computer like I usually do everyday and Waves Central logs me in automatically to my account. However today (June 18th 2021) I was logged out and at first I thought it is because my Mac has been on idle for a while. But then, I tried login in with all my emails and passwords and my usernames and the combination of everything but it just wouldn't let me sign in and start using my VSTs and Plugins.

I decided to go on their website and SURPRISE, their website isn't working as well. I hope they did not get hacked or anything and that they are just updating their servers or something. I don't know, Im not a IT guys; I can only DJ & Produce music.

So if you have been experiencing issues with Waves website or Waves Central then know that you are not the only one. I will update this article as any updates get send either via email or online.

Until then, use your stock plugins (Oh yea, I did not see if my plugins are working). I won't be opening my saved sessions in case they all get messed up because of this so I advise you to do the same and open a new session in any DAW that you work in.

So I opened Ableton and started to drag my Waves plugins on tracks to see if they work and the result:

...wait it is still loading...AND IT WORKS.

So at least you can still work on new music. Contact me, if you have any updates as well.

Have a "productive" day,

DJ Plink

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