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Beats for Sale - Instrumentals for Sale

Purchase your license to use the beats below and download it after the payment - WAVE file + No tags

File License

Purchasing this or any other beat from at any price does not give you exclusivity nor the right to re-make or resell it. It simply gives you the authorization to use it in your videos, record on it, perform on it or simply play it.

The owner of the master(s) remains DJ Plink and any revenue generated directly or indirectly from streaming or online plays must rightfully be paid to DJ Plink. This does not apply to the stream limits included in your license upon purchase; it does apply if your number of streams exceeds the license(s) purchased. At that point, you will have to upgrade your license to a bigger one.


(mp3 file only) -50.00$
-50,000 online streams (combined on all platforms)
-1 Music Video
-Non-Profit Live Performances only
-No Radio Broadcasting Rights
-No Sync Rights


(mp3 + WAV file) - 100.00$
-500,000 online streams (combined on all platforms)
-1 Music Video
-For-Profit Live Performances Allowed
-No Radio Broadcasting Rights
-Sync Rights (25% purchaser; 75% seller)


(mp3 + WAV + STEMS) - 200$
-unlimited online streams
-unlimited Music Videos
-For Profit Live Performances Allowed
-Radio Broadcasting Rights (50 Stations)
-Sync Rights (50% purchaser; 50% seller)


500$ and more
-Make an offer
-The beat may have been sold before but you get exclusivity from the date of purchase
-For all levels: Credit is always given to the producer. Extra $$$ for ghost-producer

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