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Purchasing this or any other beat from at any price does not give you exclusivity nor the right to re-make or resell it. It simply gives you the authorization to use it in your videos, record on it, perform on it or simply play it.

The owner of the master(s) remains DJ Plink aka "Nasir A. Shah" and any revenue generated directly or indirectly from streaming or online plays must rightfully be paid to DJ Plink aka "Nasir A. Shah". 

Money from streaming, selling digital or physical copies, ads, or any other shape or form of income generated through this material (no matter if modified slightly or remixed completely) is to be paid to DJ Plink aka "Nasir A. Shah"

To purchase shared rights or exclusive rights for this or any other beat please email DJ Plink at 

Income* generated in any way, shape or form from this instrumental or any other instrumental produced by DJ Plink must be paid to DJ Plink aka "Nasir A. Shah" unless discussed otherwise with a written and signed contract by both parties after communications through

The income referred to above includes and not limited to Spotify streams, Youtube content ID, Tidal streams, Apple Music Streams, iTunes Sales, Business Ads, Online Ads, Film & TV, Radio, Physical CD distribution, etc.