The Vision

"Everybody knows me as a DJ but I am an artist at heart. I want to show others the music as I know and love; I want to share what I create and define as music. I want my fans to know me personally and my music is a bridge that will connect us together.


The songs, beats and the videos are the tools I will be using to establish and maintain my relationship with all music lovers. I want to entertain as many people as possible; I want to inspire young talents to pursue their dreams and work hard on their talents. I want to bring back great music and melodies that, I find, has been forgotten in the mainstream.


I want people to realize what a real artist is; not someone who has money and decides to make music, not someone who copies other musical talents, not someone who sells his/her sexuality in order to sell music. I am Plink and I am an artist."

Original Songs

Artist & Produced by: DJ Plink

Remixes by DJ Plink

Canada | USA | France | Caribbean | Africa | South Asia

Based in Montreal, QC, Canada


Call: 514-791-8853

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