Recording Studio in Montreal

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Mixing and Mastering Studio in Montreal

Vocal Recording Studio in Montreal

Beat Production Studio in Montreal

 Hourly Recording Studio Rental in Montreal

Our studio is located in Montreal, QC. Please follow the provincial & federal guidelines regarding Covid-19

Are you an artist looking for beats?

Produced by Plink is currently accepting orders for beats/instrumentals. By trusting DJ Plink with your next upcoming track or mixtape you are putting your music on the map. "I can produce any type of Trap, Hip Hop, House, Afrobeat, Dancehall and Reggaeton Beats". 

Are you a Business/Company looking for original royalty-free music for your ads?

Produced by Plink is currently accepting orders for all type of marketing campaigns. "I will make sure that the Audio I produce goes well with your firm's values and the video ad; Also, that the Audio creates the desired feeling for the person watching your Ad".

Are you simply looking for a Music Producer or a Studio to record?

Then contact Plink and discuss your project in detail.

Various price options are available. Click Here to view our Prices or Message Us below.

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