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Digital Photo Booth Rental in Montreal

Digital Photo Booth Rental for a Party in Montreal + Unlimited Impressions

Nothing gets the guests mingling and less shy better than our Digital Photo Booth Rental Service in Montreal. This is one of our best sellers and you may have seen those at any Weddings or Company Parties that you may have attended. You decide how long you want it (we suggest during the cocktail hours or in between the courses) and we install it for you at your wedding or event. You don't even need to take it for the whole night so we offer hourly rates, unlimited pictures (printed or digital) and a customized print-out. That's right, we can add the couple's name with the date of the wedding as a souvenir for your guests; we can add the company logo and event name as a souvenir for the guests; we can even customize the colours of the printed pictures to match the themed colours of your wedding or event. We also make sure that there is someone always attending to our Digital Photo Booth so that your guests can just enjoy and see how easy it is to make it work. Click below to reserve your Digital Photo Booth in Montreal and area today!

Group Photo at a Party

Digital 360 Video Booth Rental for a Party in Montreal

Get the latest 360 Video Booth Rental in Montreal for your wedding and event. It will make amazing memories in a video format for your and all your guests. Our 360 video booth in Montreal can hold up to 8 people at once which makes it one of the largest platforms of Video Booths. We take 20-25 seconds of video for each session. An assistant is always there to help the guests make use of the 360 Video Booth. We take care of the editing and trimming of the video. The video that we record can be customized with your music, your company logo, your event name or even the couple's names with the date. Our Video Booth is surrounded by lights so that every angle of the video is perfectly lit. You can use Accessories and Props to enhance the 360 Video Booth experience. Finally, you will get all of the footage taken by all your guests as a link to download after the event. Click below to reserve your 360 Video Booth.

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