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Where do DJs get music from? Tips & Tricks to get the Latest music.

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We all know where to find and listen to music but where can we download music? Where do DJs download their music because you don't see them playing Spotify or iTunes in the clubs.

As a DJ for over 15 years in Canada, specifically Montreal, I can tell you that it isn't that simple getting the latest music in your computer as MP3 files. But let me skip you the trial-error portion and get right to the tips & tricks.

The main option is to purchase the songs or albums from iTunes or other online digital stores (don't forget the actual record or CDs...yes they still exist) and it won't be as costly as a DJ since you are not buying all kind of music, all the time. This not only encourages the artists, producers, lyricists and musicians involved in the project but also entitles you to the best quality of that song or album.

Some online music platforms or apps even offer "offline listening" which allows you to save the songs you love and listen to them -still within the app- when you don't have any internet or satellite connection.

Other ways to download music for free online are as follows and keep in mind that we at Kingofmontreal DJ Services do not encourage you to do it. Some of our friends say they got their music by:

-adding a chrome extension to their website for soundcloud downloads

-by converting youtube videos to mp3s through various websites

-by searching for the song we want and adding "download link" with it in the search bar

-by limewire, napster, kazaa and other p2p sharing software

The latter may be outdated :)

And now, the answer you have all been waiting for: DJs download their music from "DJ Pools".

There are various DJ Pools out there that cater to various genre of music. They are basically online website (some of them have apps) that holds music for the DJs to download for a monthly or yearly fee.

Some of them require proof that you are in fact a real DJ so beware trespassers. Besides, DJ's pay that monthly cost to download music since they make money afterwards with music through bookings and gigs.

But even I have to be part of various DJ Pools in order to always be up to date with music since:

-Some DJ Pools do not carry all genre that I spin at Weddings or Nightclubs

-Some DJ Pools get the music a couple days later than others

-Some DJ Pools are too expensive

-Some DJ Pools are not user-friendly

There is no magical way or an underground music dealer (maybe there is and we don't know about it) that can get us the music that we want based on our taste. So you have to do tons of research in order to download, organize and keep your music updated, at least from a DJs point of view.


Listening to music is easy due to amazing streaming apps and websites but having a file of that music is difficult.

And did you know that even if you bought the song or the album, you don't actually own it? I may just write another post soon explaining music ownership, licenses etc.

But for now, where do you download your music?

Until then, take care and enjoy the music.

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