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How to Hire a Professional DJ in Montreal in 2020?

Scenario 1:

Wedding DJ in Montreal 2020

Your wedding is in 2020 or even in 2021 and you still haven't booked a wedding DJ yet. One thing is for sure, you cannot think that it might be too early. Professional Wedding DJ's in Montreal (or other major cities in Canada) are used to getting booked up to 2 years in advance; especially if it's the "high season" for weddings (summer).

The best way is, of course, a wedding you attended and you loved the DJ and you took his/her information. The second best way is to get referrals from your friends and family who attended weddings or got married recently.

But if you are like me, I still love doing my own search for DJ's and meeting them since I want something new, something different, something unique for my wedding. So here is the most simple breakdown and things to look out for when hiring a professional DJ in Montreal in 2020.

1. Search on Google and make a list of your Top 10 DJs (email, phone number, name, website)

2. Contact them one by one and ask all the questions that you may have over the phone or email. (oh yea, forgot to mention: make a list of questions that you may have).

3. Only meet with the ones that give you have a good feeling for your wedding (and of course, listen to their mixes or videos online to make sure they are a good DJ and not just a fancy iPod)

4. Once you meet with them and the good feeling continues then you can compare the prices and negotiate.

wedding dj in montreal, dj hands, dj turntable, dj mixer, dj scratching

Remember, a wedding DJ's job is not limited to the day of. A great wedding DJ in Montreal knows that there is planning to be done, music to be prepared, maybe pre-mixes to be made, schedule to be learned, announcements to be made, names to be memorized, equipment to be reserved, etc.

Scenario 2:

Corporate Gala DJ in Montreal 2020

When I say corporate gala DJ in Montreal I also mean office party, company awards, company 507, office cocktail party, office Christmas party in Montreal, a yearly corporate event in Montreal, etc.

It pains to me say that so many friends and people that I speak with say that their office Xmas party DJ sucked. I know that there are budget limitations when it comes to corporate events but a great DJ does not always mean expensive DJ.

Hiring a good corporate DJ in Montreal is easy and the workload is far less than a wedding so the prices are a bit lower. (ex: weddings take time planning with over 5-10 meetings at times). The planning that I've done for most corporate events is to prepare the games they had planned for their employees/guests or cue certain songs for performances and in between speeches, awards, etc.

corporate dj, female corporate dj, office party dj, dj touching headphones, dj setup

So the simple steps to hire a professional DJ for corporate event in Montreal are:

1. Search them on Google, gather your referrals, etc and make a top 10 list.

2. Contact them and ask all your questions and tell them your needs and if the DJ is able to fulfill them.

3. Usually, no meeting is necessary for the DJ but he/she has to be open to it if your company requires it.

4. Book the one you love that is willing to work within your budget and enjoy!

Scenario 3:

Private Party DJ in Montreal 2020

I always say no job is too big or too small. Whether it is a kids' birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a bbq or a pool party, a cottage event, a store sale or members-only event the DJ has to work the same way. Ergo, the price is not based on the number of guests.

Once you tell all your party details to the DJ that you are happy with then the prices can be negotiated. Don't forget guys the focus has to be in the following questions:

-Does the DJ have experience?

-Does the DJ play the music that all our guests will like (young, old, various backgrounds)

-How are his transitions (switching from one song to the next) ultimately that is what makes a DJ, well, a DJ.

-Does the DJ provide any MC services, does he provide equipment (extra costs may apply)

So after all of these questions answered and your feeling is set on 1 particular DJ (or 2 if you have the budget) then you can start discussing prices.

I know, it all comes down to the same but I am trying to be the least repetitive as possible, I promise, believe me (Donald Trump voice) :)

Scenario 4:

Nightclub DJ in Montreal 2020

Being a nightclub DJ in Montreal is basically street cred. Nightlife is a competitive field and only the strong ones survive. And those who can do both such as DJ Plink is pretty much the best of both worlds.

Hiring a DJ for nightclubs in Montreal is mainly focused on who knows who. It can be good and bad, in my opinion.

Why good?

-it creates a good relationship right from the start since it's a friendly introduction.

-it helps those DJs secure more gigs during the week

-it brings the DJs followers to different venues in the city

Why bad?

-the DJs tend to play the same music, just at different venues

-it does not give an equal opportunity to upcoming DJs or those "outside the promo circle"

-the crowd that loves the venue may get tired of the same type of music or style

But as a resident DJ at Candi Bar in Montreal, I tend to play music differently every Saturday. Yes, the same bangers have to be played just not in the same order. And I love playing a song that people haven't heard in a long time and it brings them a good memory. Another thing I do (and other DJs must do as well) is introducing new music to the crowd.

nightclub dj, dj crowd, festival crowd, nightclub crowd, party people, party crowd

So to hire a nightclub DJ in Montreal in 2020 you must make sure that the DJ is updated in music every week, loves to have fun with the crowd and who doesn't just play music but puts up a show. Another very important aspect, and often forgotten, is that the warm-up has to be great and effective. At the beginning of the night, when the club is empty a great nightclub DJ in Montreal shouldn't play any hits. He/she should rather create a vibe that grows as the night darkens. It's like when you start drinking, the alcohol doesn't hit you directly, rather slowly but surely.

So I hope that this gave you some tips and tricks on how to hire a professional DJ in Montreal in 2020 for all types of events.

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