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Is a DJ too much for Mother's Day?

As mother's day 2019 approaches you probably already have plans to treat the mother in your life. (if not you still have about 24 hours). Perhaps you have an excuse such as "Mom, every day is mother's day with you".

The typical mother's day gifts are flowers, jewellery, spa day, restaurant, etc. But the most important part is spending time with her. It also depends your relation to her (husband, son, daughter, etc).

In terms of having a DJ on mother's day, it all depends on if there is a party happening or not. I won't suggest having your own personal DJ at the restaurant with you and your mom. If you have a lot of mothers in your family then you can turn it into an event or a bbq with family and friends and you can actually have a DJ playing the music.

a baby sleeping on her mother's pregnant belly.
Happy Mother's Day 2019

It won't feel like a club but rather a grown-up party. Especially the young mothers, they will appreciate the fact that there is a DJ and it will also give them time away from baby duties.

Having a DJ for mother's day is not a common thing but no one will judge you if you do have one. It would be like having a chef cooking the meals instead of your mom; I'm sure she would appreciate it. After all, the point is to spend time with the loved ones instead of having to get up and change the music every 3 minutes or so.

I wish you all a very happy mother's day,

DJ Plink

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