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Valentine's Day 2020 Ideas for Singles - Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

First of all you do not have to be discouraged if you are single on this Valentine's Day 2020. Everything in life has its ups and downs. Some people who are in a relationship wish they were single and some that are single wish they were in a relationship. Basically comes down to "we want what we don't have".

But the best thing that you can do is make the best of what you have. If you are single, then love yourself, cater to your needs, work on your projects, dreams, ambitions and whatnot. Take yourself out on a date and meet people. Pretend that you are on vacation in your own city; discover it all over again and maybe this way you will discover yourself. (No, I'm not really a philosopher).

Here are my ideas for Valentine's Day this year. I will have some ideas catering to the locals here in Montreal, Canada but you can find similar places and things to do in your city perhaps. Also, you may like or dislike some ideas and that is OK. I am making a list that will help all generations (hopefully).

1. Actually do something (do not just stay home or at work and feel sorry for yourself).

2. Find a single's event around your area (could be a cooking class, speed date, going to a bar, karaoke, concert, etc) DJ Plink will be hosting an event in Montreal at Candi Bar.

3. Make your own event. You probably know other singles amongst your group of friends. (organize a trip together, a night out, a night in, share dating tips, dating apps details with each other, etc)

4. Reflect on yourself, treat yourself and go all out. This one may help someone who just got dumped. Do the whole nine yards for yourself. You had something romantic planned for your partner? Well, use it all for yourself. (Spa, Restaurant, Trip, Gifts, etc)

5. I think this is my personal favorite: think of Valentine's day just like any other day and continue your life. Whatever happens, happens and you can only control so much. (but actually be happy about it).

6. Treat someone else that you love in your family and friends. YES, it does not have to be a life partner. You can treat your mom, dad, siblings, pets, friends, neighbours, etc. Whoever you treat nice will make you feel good.

7. Lucky number 7 is do whatever else makes you happy since that is the point, right? If all of the ideas above suck then do something else, but do it with a smile!

So after reading all that you may tell that I'm not a professional single and that is true. When you have been out of the game for a while these are the ideas you get. But I can assure you that Valentine's Day 2020 will be just like any other day. It will gain the importance that you accord it. Remember when you were young and that special toy was really important to you? Well, where is that toy now?

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